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What is it?

On Monday most of North America will be experiencing a total or partial solar eclipse. This is a rare astronomical event and occurs when the earth moon and sun are in direct alignment with one another. The next one will occur in 2024.

Why are we talking about it?

Many people will be excited about the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21, where the moon travels in front of the sun creating a black-out zone. However, improper viewing of the sun during the eclipse can lead to eclipse blindness or retinal burns which may result in permanent visual impairment.

What do we need to do?

1. Do not look directly at the sun during any part of the total solar eclipse.

2. Only ISO approved eclipse glasses should be used to observe the event.

3. Do not attempt to view the eclipse through your camera or telescope unless you are using a special eclipse filter on your lens.

4. Make sure children are supervised during the eclipse. Pets should be kept indoors.

5. If you are in the path of the total eclipse, it will be completely dark for a few minutes allowing you to enjoy the beauty of stars during daylight hours – but beware of trip hazards, vehicle hazards etc.


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