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Discover our full range of cost-saving HR capabilities

At Protrans Personnel Services, we understand that it’s about more than just matching you with the quality employee or staff you need now.

Our in-depth HR expertise and experience enables us to provide you, the employer, with tailored HR solutions that help you and your company be more efficient and productive today and in the long run.

Every company has unique needs, different business cycles and periods of growth or change.

Protrans Personnel Services understands that maximizing productivity at all times is key to your company’s continued success and prosperity.

Having a pool of pre-screened, skilled flexible workers, ready to step in and step up, can be essential to helping you achieve your goals.

In many cases, a part-time solution leads to a full-time answer, something we view as a perfect result.

Talk to us about our full range of HR solutions to see how much more we can be doing for you.

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